How Facilities Management Services can Save Your Company Money and Time

Facilities Management is a common term in the business world, but it is only a couple of years ago that many companies began to realize how valuable this service is. FM is mainly concerned with the operation and maintenance of a commercial or industrial property.

It can be performed by in-house staff trained in this field, or it can be outsourced to a firm specializing in facility management services. Regardless of how it is done it is still an integral in the success of any business and it will save your company a lot of time and money. As technology has significantly improved over the years, it has now become more efficient and economical to outsource your companies Facility Management. And By getting this service from a professional, reputable and well-established company you can be assured of saving time and money in the following four ways.

  1. The entire process is cost efficient

An in-house facility Management is costly both in terms of time and money. If you decide to employ a few individuals on a permanent or contractual basis to perform this role, it will be very costly in the long run. At the onset, it might look cheap but if you do your calculations, it will be way more expensive than outsourcing this function to a professional company. Where time is concerned, you will also be able to cut down the amount of time that you staff are spending on this. By freeing up more of your staff, you will have more manpower to concentrate on the core activity of your company.

facilities management

  1. It will offer your company more flexibility

If your Facilities Management is not able to keep up with the changes in your company and the industry at large it will drag you back and your business will not grow as fast as you would wish. This will mean that you have to spend more money and time to get it to the level that you want but with an FM service this will never be an issue. A good FM service offers you the flexibility you need to keep up with any changes and to meet your business’ particular needs.

  1. Ensures that your facility complies with codes and regulations

Failure to comply with relevant codes and regulations will cost your company a lot of money and will also lead to time wastage. If the relevant authorities find out that your facility does not comply with these regulations, then you are likely to get fined. Besides from these things might end up in court where you will spend more money in legal fees. The fact that your facility might also be closed down for some time also means that you may end up wasting a lot of productive time during the closure.

  1. Educating your workforce

Your workforce is the most valuable asset in your company. As important as they might be they are also responsible for money wastage in your facility. In most cases, they are not even aware that they are wasting money on simple things like ordering office supplies. A Facilities Management service will educate your workforce on the efficient procedures of ordering office supplies and hence ensuring that you save as much money as possible in the process.

Leaking flat roofs and how to repair them using EPDM rubber roofing

The roofing system of a house shouldn’t be ignored by contractors since a bad roof can easily leak much to the disguise of the home owner. Good roofing materials and quality workmanship will ensure the roof comes out great. However, with time, the roof will age and may start to leak as a result hence the need of roof repair. The first signs of a leak will be signs of dampness on the ceiling or actual dripping of water.


As soon as there is a sign of a leakage, you need to find the exact location of the leak and chances are that it may not be directly above the dump section of the ceiling. Ensure that you establish the overall condition of the flat roof to ascertain if the whole roof need replacement or the damage is small enough to be repaired. Remember it is not worth it to try to repair a roof whose lifespan is on the brink of conclusion.

The damages on the roof will include: cracks and chips, blisters, splits and tears, lifting overlaps and flashings.

Roofline rubber roofs EPDM has proved to be very reliable since it is leak proof if properly installed, can tolerate temperature variations and sunlight.

1. Blisters in the felt

Clean the blister carefully to get rid of any chippings, mould or dirt.

• Use a sharp craft knife to make a cut through the top layer.

• Peel back the parts and dry the underneath using a heat gun.

• Apply EPDM liquid rubber to the exposed surface and fold back the parts.

You should ensure that the cut area overlaps the blister by 2 inches.
2. Splits ant tears

Lift the split or tear without destroying the felt further and clean the space under it as well as the area around it.

• Fill the space under the split or tear with liquid EPDM rubber.

• Press it down and fill other voids with the liquid EPDM rubber.

• Cut a piece of new felt to use as a patch. Remember to give a 2 inches allowance beyond the cut.

• Apply the adhesive over the repair to fit the piece.

• Place the patch into place and seal the edges well.

3. Lifting overlaps

Lift the overlap, clean it and leave it to thoroughly dry.

• Fill the space under the overlap with liquid EPDM rubber and press it down gently.

• Weigh the seam down as it dries to prevent the overlap from lifting as the adhesive dries

4. Flashing

Clean off the surface

• Cut the EPDM rubber tape and apply it on the area.

• Smooth it down the clean surface ensuring that the edges are well sealed and the tape is well stretched with no creases.

• Always start with the lowest trip and overlap upwards. Make sure the overlaps are well sealed at the ends

As seen some processes require liquid EPDM rubber while others will need the tape version of EPDM rubber. Ensure you use the correct version where necessary.





Latest HP Laserjet Printer Review

HP has always been known as one of the best technology companies in the industry today. Their prowess is evident in all their products. Every creation is better than the previous one. Their latest laserjet is among the newest of its kind in the technology world. It has been termed as the world’s fastest printer hence it begs for scrutiny to determine the truth behind this claim.



HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 Printer M603N

HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 Printer M603N is the newest laserjet printer in the industry. It is a heavy duty printer that has received a 5 star rating from experts.

M603N weighs 58 pounds and stands at 15.7 * 16.3 * 20 inches. It has the basic controls that all printers have which are back, stop, help and home. It also has 2 way rocker control with a center button.


When printing text documents only, this printer works at a speed of 62 pages per minute. When printing documents that include text, graphics and photos, it works at 14.3 pages per minute. These two speeds are faster than any laser printer from other brands. For starters, the speed is faster than the M601DN that was thought to the best printer when it was released. It is also faster than other printers on its level, which include the OXI B730DN and LexmarkT650N.


It is a heavy duty device hence it is fit for any heavy printing requirements from businesses. Its output is of high quality in terms of good font application, good color production and quality graphics production. Its production fits the standard of laser printers and actually surpasses it to some extent. Even with such great efficiency the output of this printer is cheaper than others in its category. It prints at 1.2 cents per page. Also, the toner cartridges cost less than cheap ink cartridges.


This printer can handle up to 275,000 pages of printing in a monthly cycle. This is a high duty cycle in the industry, the highest actually. Its sheet paper capacity is the standard 600. The 600 falls between a multi-purpose feeder of 100 sheet, and main tray of 500 sheet. It prints different types of paper.


The HP Laserjet 600 M603N is undeniably the best laserjet printer in the world. Aside from its fast printing speed and high quality output, this printer uses 45% of energy compared to other printers. It is both a time and energy saver. The best part about this printer is that its prowess is distributed among its functions.

10 Ways To Save Money

With the cost of living increasing by the day, it is becoming necessary to find ways of saving that extra penny. The following are some ways of doing so:

1. Car Pooling: – The cost of fuel is ever rising. Therefore, instead of driving alone to work or school, you may need to think of car pooling with your neighbours.

2. Budget Shopping: – To bring down the cost of shopping, you may need to opt for alternatives such as monthly shopping, or using coupon codes.

3. Public Transport:-Public transport such as using trains or trams is always cheaper than hiring a taxi or cab. It is also more cost effective than private means.

4. Homemade meals:-Another way of saving money is preparing homemade meals instead of eating out. You may also find it more effective to reduce home deliveries.

5. Rent a movie: – Going to the movie theatre is always a costly affair. Renting a movie will do away with the fuel cost as well as the cost of snacks.


6. Packed lunch: – you will certainly appreciate carrying packed lunch instead of visiting the food court or restaurant. It is also more beneficial to carry food leftover from the previous night.

7. Walk to work: – Instead of driving to work, you will find it suitable to walk. Besides being a cost saving strategy, it also helps in staying fit.

8. Recycling: – Collecting cans or plastic and taking them to a recycling plant may give you a few pennies to spare.

9. Using energy star rated appliances is also handy when it comes to saving on the monthly power bills.

10. LED lighting: – Instead of installing incandescent lights, you will be better off using LED lighting. Besides consuming minimal energy, they provide quality light and are also durable.

Saving money is not a one-off strategy but rather a continuous process. It is therefore necessary to always be on the lookout for money saving opportunities.

The Ups and Downs of Married Life

Marriage is definitely not easy, but then again, it’s not as hard as the world depicts it to be. You take two totally different people and put them together, there’ll definitely be some good times and some bad times as well. Despite everything, the main point is, you loved each other enough to say those eternal vows so you should be willing to see them through.


Marriages today go through the worst experiences possible. Most couples fight vehemently within the first year. Couples tend to fight due to financial constrains mostly. Why? This is because they went into marriage without working out a financial plan about expenditure and saving. Financial arguments arise from individuals overspending or refusing to share their incomes because they continue with the same lifestyle they had before marriage. Another cause for problems is neglect. Most couples complain of love dying’ after a while. Love does not die, it just stops burning as brightly as it used to because partners tend to relax and lose the spark between them. Another reason for marriage problems is irresponsibility. Irresponsibility leads to infidelity, poor spending of family money, poor care of kids and such. Irresponsibility also brings the rise of the blame game every time something goes wrong. Marriages also break due to couples’ inability to share details about events in their life.

Couples should properly plan their finances before getting into marriage or as soon as they get married. This will help them know how to spend and save their money. It will also help them work out a good contribution policy to family money. When it comes to love, spouses should know that it should be rekindled ever so often for it to stay alive. Both parties should appreciate their partners and do those little things that make them feel special. Remember what made you two fall in love and all the things you used to do then try to keep up with the same. Children and work should not be an excuse to hinder this. Couples should be able to take responsibility of their actions. Admit your wrongs and correct them as soon as possible and you’ll definitely enjoy a healthy relationship. Communication is key in any relationship. It will help you grow and support each other through everything.

Young couple not communicating after an argument

Most people get into marriage without understanding the fundamentals that surround it. With marriage being a union between two people, it requires the efforts of these two people for it to flourish in all aspects; financially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Give as much as you get should be the motto. With this, couples will always strive to do the best things for their partners and family as well. Marriage should not be portrayed as a burden, quite the contrary, it’s a beautiful experience when done properly. It gives you the love of your life to spend an awesome eternity with, children to love and cherish and a new family to support you. Define your own love and always strive to make your marriage a success.

Importance Of Friendship And How It Can Play A Vital Role In Moulding Your Life

Life teaches us a lot of things. But none is a better teacher than friendship. Without your friendship life would be completely meaningless and it would show to the world that you are incapable of building relationships with others and nurturing it till the end. Friendship can be established at any age and it has the power to defy age barriers. There is no hard written rule that friendship needs to be only established with people of your own age. Even a pet dog or cat can be your best companion in life you can share a close bond of friendship with it.


True friends or a friend might know a lot of things about you that even your parents or family members might not be aware of. When in the company of a close friend, we tend to open ourselves a lot better and communicate even our darkest secrets, fears and anything which we feel like sharing. We place utmost faith and trust in our close friends and hold them close to our hearts. True friends don’t expect any kind of gratification in return for your friendship. They like you for the way you are and even they expect the same from you. The following points reflect on some of the important aspects of life where friendship can play a pivotal role and help us succeed or overcome our hurdles.

-Friends offer an excellent way to get rid of stress and depression. The company of our friends makes us forget our sorrows and any unwanted pressure that we burden ourselves with. Plus, we can openly ask our friends for suggestions on how to solve our personal problems and they would be glad to help us out.

-Friends stay with us through our thick and thin. No matter what happens and what state we may be in, true friends are always there to support us and extend their moral support. If you have such friends who truly care about you, then you can count yourself as the luckiest and blessed person in the world.

-When you move closely with your friends, you get to learn the importance of sharing, showing affection and making sacrifices. Nobody is perfect in this world and all of us have imperfections with us. But friendship teaches you how to overcome all those imperfections and still stay bonded together. You can apply this teaching to all other individuals who are associated in your life such as parents, siblings and relatives.


It is very hard for individuals to earn friends who are true and honest. Even if you have just one friend who is close to you, you should try your best not to let go of that relationship and ensure that it continues for the rest of your life. Pick your friends wisely because getting into the company of immoral individuals will spoil your life and can send you on the path of destruction. So be cautious when it comes to selecting your friends. With the right group of friends, you can be assured of the fact that your life will be blissful and full of enjoyable moments that you will cherish for years to come.

Why Fast Food Products Are Catastrophic To Your Health


The current generation of all ages love fast food. Not only are they affordable at any time, but usually very delicious. Fast food or convenience ready-made meals are currently available in many well designed and attractive packs in the market. Whether you like it or not, commercially manufactured foods and drinks are available at any time, the packaging is specially designed to catch your attention and hopefully make you buy them and can even be quite seductive. They are not expensive and are available from supermarkets and even from your local shop which can make it hard to avoid.

Usually fast food and most convenience meals are bad for you; perhaps you are even eating one now? Its quick and easy to do so but have you ever spared a moment to think about their contents? If not, this article may teach you a thing or two on this subject, but first you must put that large coke or burger down for a while. When it comes to this type of food there is more than what meets the eye that the providers and manufacturers of the ready-made foods and drinks don’t what you to know.

On the back of coke or fizzy drinks, do you see any information on the negative effect of that fast food product stated? It’s unlikely as the huge companies behind this stuff want you to remain ignorant and just eat or drink their products. Understandably they may seem to be the best answer to your busy life but before you dish out hard earned money for them at the next fast food window, you may find it beneficial to look at some of the risks involved.

The disadvantages of pre-processed foods and drinks:

More addictive

These varieties are sweeter and even contain chemicals to make you overeat. A huge difference from whole and fresh foods which mainly consist of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and many more, fast foods the ratio of concentration in them is modified to suit customer preferences. This alters the way the nutrients are digested. By eating them, dopamine is stimulated thus causing addictive behaviour. It makes you crave for more without knowing that the vital nutrients may not be there at all.


You get addicted to eating them because of the sugar inclusion. Additives like sugar and fructose syrups are highly linked with obesity. This is a health condition caused by excess fat accumulation thus reducing life expectancy. Excess food intake can be managed by avoiding the addictive foods that cause overeating. This condition is mainly caused by undisciplined diet, but can be prevented by observing good dietary behaviour.


Poor combination of ingredients

By not following the basic principle of food combination, these products usually lead to poor digestion, a decrease in the energy levels, acidic blood and ultimate weight gain. For instance, take cheese for instance, which is a dairy product combine with frozen meat which is an animal protein and a crust of bread and you have pizza! This will create a terrible conflict with your digestive health.


Infertility and malnutrition

Your body is in dear need of natural nutrients, something fast foods are not willing or able to provide. Within fast foods some basic elements like cereal are stripped off elements that the body requires. In addition, nobody should cheat you; you might consume a lot of calories but still be malnourished without even realising it. Scientists have proved that a deficiency in diet causes reduction in human reproduction capability. This is because the flavours and preservatives added contain different chemicals that the body is not designed to handle. Consumption of this chemical causes an alteration in the body functioning. Part of the most affected processes is the production for healthy sperms and ova.

Everybody knows the importance of the two in reproduction. Don’t you?

Finally, it is very healthy to check what enters your body. It may be too sweet to consume but cause a lot of unhealthy conditions in your body that you can never be able to get rid of. If you have been eating them, it is good to gradually start going back to the natural food components.

A Teaching Adventure in the Middle East

Teaching abroad is not a relatively new career option or idea – with the growing demand for expatriates and the difficult, competitive job market back home, thousands of qualified teachers are now seeking teaching jobs in the Middle East. It also has its fair share of ups and downs. Some of these pose some serious challenges which are nevertheless overcome.
Here is an honest and balanced view of some of the things you should expect to encounter – the scope of view ranges from entertainment (the beaches, shopping malls, restaurants and bars and fun desert activities for the holidays), the security and restrictions, the teaching environment (student attitude, resources and co-staff), the tax free lifestyle, cultural/ traditions/ religious differences, language barrier and not forgetting the tough climatic conditions.



The overall impact of teaching overseas is gaining a good understanding of different cultures. International schools offer an interactive platform where students and teachers of different nationalities get together to share a unique learning experience. It is no wonder that teachers who have been abroad for some time are recommending other teachers back home to try out their career overseas.

Most students and staff in the international schools are accommodating and will greatly help you settle down fast. There is no better way to broaden your teaching experience and skills – this is no doubt more enriching than you would experience back in your home country.

As much as this adventure may sound enticing, the teaching environment may not be a bed of roses. There have been cases reported where getting the relevant teaching material and resources had been impeded by embezzling of funds by administrators. In yet another scenario, the paychecks may take forever.

The Middle East is tolerant to people of different religious beliefs, be it Islamic, Christians, Buddhists, Hindu and what have you. The languages spoken are English, Arabic and the local dialects. The countries are safe and people live in harmony provided you respect the culture and religious beliefs of other people.

A happy life is a healthy life

Life is not same when a person has problems. Many people suffer a lot due to unexpected issues in their life. To overcome those problems, it is better to solve those issues judiciously without confusion. Many things in the life would make a person happy. For example, his family, money, education, profession and friends, all would enhance the happiness to a great extent. Accordingly, money and family play a vital role in everyone’s life. If a person gets both these aspects at a good level, then happiness knows no bounds. Life is not something that should feel boring or routine, it should be seen as something sensational where you grab each and every opportunity with both hands and make the most out of it. We are only here once so life should be focused and seen as enjoyable. Asides money, health plays major role in everyone’s life without doubt.


It’s fair to say that no one can live happily in this world without proper health. If need be you can live without money and family, but not health. So health is possibly the single most important part of happy life and few can deny this. This is common to all wealthy and rich persons in this world. If health is lost, everything is lost and so preserving health of a person is the essential part of the life. You should never play down the importance to a person’s health. Health alone keeps a person happy forever so he or she has to live accordingly. For example, a person who has no money can earn if he has good health in his life. In case the man has money without health then his life would be miserable and unhappy. So giving a lot of thought to health is wise move for all people in this world. Whatever the issue a person has in his life health overcomes all those problems if applied properly. An unhealthy man who has lot of problems his life would not live for long time and hence his family would suffer.

It has become common for the present generation to spend a lot of time and money for health programs and keeping healthy and fit. This is because they are serious about their life and happiness. These people clearly understand the meaning of life and hence they take lot of steps for maintaining a good healthy lifestyle. A person who practices excellent life style with good habits can have healthy lifestyle and carry this fitness into old age. In turn, the person who never worries about his health could quite possibly face serious consequences with his or her health.


Many people have family members who did not live a happy life due to health issues. The poor health and bad habits had eaten away at their health levels a lot. Hence, an individual should concentrate and spend time on a healthy maintenance program without worrying too much about money and relationships.

For example, a person who has good health would live happily and this happiness would hopefully bring the expected money, family, status and also comfortable life style. One can lead a completely happy life only if he has good health throughout the life. Good health makes everyone happy in this world.

More adults live with their parents now!

If you are a parent around middle aged you might be looking forward to having peace and quiet when your children finally fly the nest, and why not….you have spent the last god knows how many years dealing with everything from nappies and runny noses in the early days to all the trials and tribulations that adolescents and teenage years brings with it. Although it’s great to have family around its also great to have your own space, to relax and do exactly what you want to do. No more queuing to use the shower or bathroom, no more bickering about who used the last of this or ate the last of that, all the usual stresses and strains that comes with living with family.

Sounds really nice doesn’t it?  Well maybe you should start making the plans just yet!

Rising home costs and the economic decline have actually triggered a sharp increase in the number of young adults living at home with their mam’s and dads, official figures show.

More than three million males and females in their 20’s and early 30’s are now living at home a 25% rise from 1996.

The variety of young people living with their mam’s and dads has actually increased by 175,000, 5%, in the last year alone, based on the Workplace for National Stats.

The surge in residential property prices, is putting off many possible customers from getting on to the housing ladder.

On the whole, 26% of 20-34 year old’s now live with their mam’s and dads. Nevertheless youthful men are significantly more likely compared to girls to continue to live with their parents, according to the figures.

An ONS research claimed the disparity between the sexes was partly down to a trend of young women relocating into houses with older guys.

For every 10 ladies, 17 men aged 20 to 34 lived with their mam’s and dads in 2013. This considerable difference can be discussed by looking at the living situations of young people. In the 20 to 34 age group, over 600,000 more ladies compared to men were living as part of a couple in their very own home.

The primary reason for this is that typically, females develop partnerships with guys older than themselves.

Therefore more ladies than men in this age group were wed or cohabiting.

The research, released on Tuesday, suggested women were also most likely to remain living far from their mam’s and dads after a relationship ended.